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Private Readings:

Friday And Saturday

from 11am by appointment

ring 07428473557 between 10am and 10pm to book

Sunday              Divine Service                  6.30pm

Monday             Healing                             7pm  (except Bank Holidays)

Tuesday      Clairvoyance & Open Circle   7.30pm

Wednesday  Meditation & Development    7.30pm 

Saturday      Clairvoyance & Open Circle   7pm

May 2023

Tuesday 30th - Roy Forman

June 2023

Saturday 3rd - John Jones

Sunday 4th - Janice Davies

Tuesday 6th - Chris Rainey

Saturday 10th - Jason Dean Rothwell

Sunday 11th - Doreen Hawkins

Tuesday 13th - Simon Smith

Saturday 17th - Mike Dowse

Sunday 18th - Andrew Woodley

Tuesday 20th - Lynne Wilson

Saturday 24th - Joeann Ward

Sunday 25th - Colin Hall

Tuesday 27th - Akutu


Stockport Christian          Spiritualist Church

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